Carpool Karaoke Business Principles From James Corden and Adele

a handshake is as good as a contractA man with integrity will have his word accepted at face value, wherein a handshake will be valued like a contract. Best of all, you have nothing to fear because you have done no one wrong. You can doze off comfortably at night.

    Adele’s manager, Jonathan Dickins, remembered his promise and kept his word.
    The opposite of honor is dishonor. Beware the shadows of disgrace. When your word is your bond, life is easier.

  • Love What You Do.
    Passion is what makes work not work. No less than the passionate prince of Silicon Valley, Steve Jobs, declared to Stanford graduates: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” When you love what you do, you are motivated to aim high and shoot for the stars.
    Love is a sense of stick-to-itiveness especially when a crisis comes along. No backing out, just pausing and searching out a better solution. No breakout, but believing in a breakthrough.
    Loving what you do matters … both in good times and in challenging times.

  • Cast A Vision.
    Visionaries are the voice of the future. Visionaries see the realities of tomorrow.
    Suffice it to say that a vision statement is described as an aspirational description of what an organization would like to achieve or accomplish.
    The prophet Hosea was explicit in exclaiming that “people perish for the lack of vision.” A startup will only be a start if a vision is not cast. Therefore, cast a vision on how you want things to unfold.
    Some simple c’s to consider as you cast a vision:
    Be clear. A clear vision is mandatory. As the visionary, you must clearly articulate your mind.
    Be concrete. Speak an understandable lingo. One that your workers can feel, touch, and take part in.
    Be concise. Less is more. Be brief and straight to the main point.


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