Does Your Income Have A Purpose?

The Power of Purpose

Purpose is one of the most powerful forces known.

With purpose, one individual can change the course of humanity.

Money Needs A Purpose
Income Needs A Purpose


With purpose, we can create or we can destroy.

Without purpose, we die. But with purpose, we live.

You work; you earn. A transaction takes place. Efforts and expertise are exchanged for cash or another asset.

Do you notice the movement, the transfer of energy? That is your life, your energy flowing from your work into a paycheck.

Are you intentionally channeling your life’s energy beyond the paycheck? Do the funds in your account, your wallet have a purpose?

Does your income serve you? Does your income work for you? How do you channel your life’s energy?

A budget is not a tool of constraint. When you give money a purpose, the budget becomes a powerful conduit of energy.

Mashable reports: This Girl Spent Her Entire $90,000 College Fund on Clothes and Travel.

“Kim told the hosts that her grandparents set up a pretty sweet fund for her that would cover costs for all four years of college. But, because she didn’t budget properly, she’s out of money to cover her senior year.

On the other side of the spectrum, James Clear writes in his article, Lessons From a Vexillonaire:

As an entrepreneur, I saved up $10,000 before I started my first business. This money was my constraint. I had to learn how to create products, market my business, and live off of that money until I became profitable. This constraint forced me to start an online business, reduce overhead, and — after a few years of other projects — build this website.

Today, James Clear has a business that touches the lives of over half a million people a month.

Without purpose, $90,000 dissipates. With purpose, $10,000 turns into a business touching lives and valued at many times the original investment.

For most, passive income is not easy or automatic. It requires intentional planning, diligent work, and purposeful execution.

The next time you deposit or cash a check, remember it represents a life energy investment. The future of that investment depends on the purpose(s) that you assign today.


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