Observing Michelle Jenneke

What Does A Dancing Hurdler Have to do With Passive Income?

Do you recall Michelle Jenneke, the dancing hurdler?

In 2012, one of the videos of her races at the Junior World Championships in Barcelona went viral. This is one of the most entertaining athletic warm ups I have ever seen – I smile every time I watch it.

Look at her eyes – do you see any fear?

Note her muscles – do you see anxious tension?

Do you see the openness of her energy turn into razor like focus?

When did she win this race?  Did she win at the finish line or had she won prior to stepping into the starting blocks?

I think the latter. I believe she envisioned winning the race prior to ever starting.

Do you have a vision for your earnings? Earnings, if invested wisely, will one day provide you passive income.

We are not merely reactive creatures.  We have the power to create and destroy.

We have the freedom and power to indulge in the moment; ignore the future; or purposefully plan and create our life objectives… different choices, different paths.

Do you have a vision, a hope, for your earning?

How you build and what you create begins with the decisions and visions that you have today.

Below are two youtube videos of Michelle’s race, the first is a straight presentation; the second is a fun version with background music. What lessons have you learned from the video clip? Please share.


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