With Every Ending, There is a New Beginning … Goodbye Shuddle

Goodbye Shuddle. Hello Zum; Hello Kango; & Hello HopSkipDrive!

Ride-hailing service for kids lives on.

“We believe in living more and driving less.”

This was how “Uber for kids” coined their brand’s tagline. Sad to say that after only two years of operation, the startup ceased operations.

Funding Dried UpIn an open letter to its clients: “On behalf of the entire team here at Shuddle, we are saddened to inform you that Shuddle will cease operations and closing business at the end of the day Friday, April 15th. We worked hard to find the financial resources that would allow us to continue to grow, but ultimately could not raise the funding required to continue operations.”

What followed after was like Black Saturday for the rest of Shuddle and its partner-drivers. For ride-givers like McGlynn, a retired 911 dispatcher and single parent of three children, Shuddle had been an added source-provider.

One afternoon after taking a student home, she received the shocking alert on her mobile phone that Shuddle had shut down. Shocked was an understatement. “I didn’t see it coming.”

Thankfully, another ridesharing startup, Zum, reached out to McGlynn with a similar opportunity. Similar service but in a different backyard.


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