9 Ways to Build an Income Stream with Your Mobile Phone

Monetizing Mobile is In It’s Infancy; Homework Required!

Did you know that you can generate income using your mobile phones? Yes, you read it right! By answering surveys, taking photos, scanning bar codes, exploring the neighborhood, and other oh-so-easy tasks, you can already earn without sweating much. Whether you’re bored or looking for some extra cha-ching, these tasks as easy as pie will give you what you need.

It Beats Throwing Rocks
It Beats Throwing Rocks

Described as a “mobile market place”, simple field work such as taking photos, testing mobile apps, and delivering items can already earn you up to $90 per task. Available in major US metro areas, you can earn more than a hundred dollars or more in just a week by performing sweat-free tasks around the neighborhood.

Check in to get cha-ching! Every time you check in at a location, this app rewards you with points redeemable for cash. Every 1,000 points is equal to $10, or 50 cents/check in. If you’re out with your friends in a coffee shop, you might as well check in and take a picture to earn points! To participate, don’t forget to use your Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare account.


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