Three Different Passive Income Ideas

Consider the Value of A Long Term Customer

In the age of instant gratification and disruptionRecurring Revenue2, it is difficult to maintain a clear vision of where we would like to be in the future.

The image to the right represents an account that I have had for over 10 years. Every month, they send a check.

Small numbers add up over time.

I could take the lifetime earnings today, invest them in a moderately risky investment, and more than double the monthly residual income while keeping the principal in place.

If you are going to invest your life energy into a business opportunity, take a close look at the life of the customer and the payout you receive for that customer.

Recurring Phone Income
Recurring Phone Income

Do they offer you the opportunity to participate in a long term relationship with the customer?

Here are three companies that offer long term revenue sharing arrangements:

One: Kall8 offers monthly communications services: 800, local, or vanity numbers; call forwarding; virtual PBX; hunt groups; call analytics tools; ect…

Do you have relationships with friends or businesses that require 800 or vanity numbers?

How about those that office in one city but want to appear local in another city? You can offer them a local phone number!

How about privacy? Instead of providing a personal or business cell number, give out the kall8 number and forward it to a personal phone number.


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